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Good Times Pubs & Bars is an independent pub group based in Brighton & Hove, UK.
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covid-safe PUBS & BARS

Throughout the current crisis, the Good Times Pubs & Bars team have been working hard to provide our guests with a safe and relaxing pub experience. We are compliant with all up-to-date COVID-19 rules & regulations in effect and will continue to adapt to the latest info from PHE.

In order to allow for correct social distancing, we've made some changes to our table plans and the way we take bookings. For all table bookings, please call up and speak to the pub you wish to visit and our bar team will be happy to look after you.

We take all our table bookings over the phone. This allows our teams to manage their tables in a safe, effective manner
and to give our guests a smooth, enjoyable pub experience with table service as standard across all our venues.

If we're busy, please leave a voicemail with your name, number and booking info and we will get back to you asap.

To update you on how visiting us will have changed from your last visit:


- We are accepting bookings of up to 6 persons maximum in accordance with UK law. 

- Tables can be booked for a maximum time of up to 3 hours.

- We will have certain doors for entry and exit and have one-way systems where possible.

- You are now required to wear a mask at all times whilst on our premises. The only time you may remove your mask is once you
have signed in and have been seated at your table by a member of our team. 

- All our venues are compliant with the new NHS COVID-19 App which is available as a check-in option at our entry points.
Contact details from a member of your group must be stored for 21 days in order to assist the Government with NHS Test & Trace protocols.

- We will now encourage you to order and pay at your table using an app, we will then bring your drink and food to you.
Table service is now the default method of service for all our venues. 

- Children will need to stay seated during your visit. all communal play areas, toys, colouring sheets/ pencils will
not be in use. Dogs must stay on a lead and at your table. We do not allow dogs on the furniture.

- All customers should follow social distancing guidelines, respect each other, give each other space and respect our staff.

- Any customers feeling at all unwell or showing signs of Covid-19 infection are asked to not visit any of our sites until better. If you are actively showing signs of infection, you will not be permitted entry to our venues. Go home, rest-up and consult a medical professional.


We understand that some people may not yet be feeling safe or comfortable about returning to the pub.
We offer takeaway services from some of our venues so you can still enjoy what we do at home.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you all soon x

Good Times Pubs & Bars